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Business Development, Quality Assurance,

I.T. & Security Consulting


Business Development, Operations Optimization, & Insight

 Are inefficient business processes cutting into your profitability? Do your staff work comfortably and efficiently, or is your team constantly struggling to stay on top? Are your operations and business insight allowing you to stay competitive, or is the race always toe-to-toe? We can help.

Quality Assurance & External Auditing

We're certified to perform external auditing of your quality processes- offering suggestions for improvements and possibilities for increased profitability and efficiency along the way. Get a second opinion by a qualified auditor- we know more than aerospace, too. Even businesses in unregulated industries can benefit from objective evaluation.

I.T. Services & Management

We have the experience and know-how to accomplish your I.T. goals. Fully integrated systems and user management, insight, and experience control, through the versatility of skill-stacks ranging from web, hardware, security, domain, mail, autonomy, systems control, and much more. We can build custom tailored multi-part solutions to achieve your exact goal.

Network Security Assurance Testing

Did your last security audit consist of license checks and Windows updates, while the embedded systems went undetected? Get the facts. Our experience with complex networks with multiple subtle attack vectors, including operations of devices at a core level, allows a unique level of insight, analysis, and rectification that is often imitated, but never replicated.



 Foxtrot Aeroworks is a Toronto-based organization committed to delivering results that exceed expectations, by integrating the expertise from a range of conceptually tight-woven disciplines. Primarily serving in the Information Technology services sector, we have the comprehensive full-stack knowledge that is becoming an increasing rarity in the wide-field landscape of modern computer systems. Detailed familiarity with system operation from core electronics through interface allows us a unique vantage point in network security analysis, and years of organization auditing experience provide a detailed reference for social campaigns. We bring experience from the quality assurance sector into the mix, seeking solutions that not only deliver on the technology goals of your organization, but also improve the staff and operations experience, providing valuable operational synergy and insight that can lead to increased revenue and higher profit capture. Business development of processes that complement I.T. assets with workforce assets and competencies is another of our core services- allowing organizations to lower their internal cold overhead, but also losses due to labor and technology inefficiencies. 


Information Technology evolves faster every year. It's time your organization catches up, and then gets ahead. 

We offer both on-site and remote consulting services across a dynamic range of our above scope, and are always willing to take a shot at special projects. Contact us with your proposal today. 



“We were paying our former I.T. Team fifty-five dollars per email reply. Literally, as an invoiced line item. Adam and his team explained just where costs were being inflated, and now supports our organization not only for much cheaper- but it all functions hassle and nag-free. ”

- Mississauga Small Business Owner


Don't pay to play-

Get it done right. Once.

 Are you constantly being shuffled from I.T. contractor to subcontractor, never getting any long-term results, but always paying the bill? Does the support and reliability of your organization seem like an afterthought to your organization? Does your IT team tell you something is "impossible", make you wait ridiculous timeframes, or upsell you on simple requests? Are you paying outlandish amounts for projects that still incur overages? 

If any of this sounds familiar- you might be getting taken for a run. It's time you found a solution that solves your problems, and works reliably long term. It's time your systems maintenance is done without interrupting business operations. It's time IT worked not just for you, but with you- to further your business goals, while optimizing your operation.


We can help.


Are you getting ripped off?

If you suspect your current I.T. Team is overcharging, underperforming, or taking you for a ride, we'd be happy to give you a second opinion - for free.

Plus: If it turns out you could be getting a better deal, we'll offer you an additional 10% off your first project with us.